Thursday, January 28, 2010


In countries with growing number of inhabitants as China or India or in those that are less affected by the recession, the real estate market is still vivacious. That is one of the reasons why industry of laminates grows and plants producing this material are working non-stop. Mr.B.K.Shukla, the head of the laminates plant at Samrat Mica, says that plant working in two shifts produces 70.000 sheets of laminate per month. It comes in different thickness as well as design and later on is exported and distributed all over the local market. One of the reasons why laminates get so popular is wide variety of designs which helps to create different interiors from fancy hotel suits to cozy children rooms.
In recent years there is big up growth in the use of laminates. Now laminate makes it to the top five materials used in the interior design, together with glass, steel, wood and plastic.

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