Sunday, February 14, 2010

Laminates of "Samrat Mica"

"Samrat Mica" is one of India's leading mica and plywood companies. "Samrat Mica" laminates are distributed all over India as well as exported to other Asian countries. It's no surprise, that architects and interior designers have increasingly been using laminates of "Samrat Mica" for decorating interiors and exteriors of building. There are three simple reasons why: the price is extremely low for the high standard of quality, "Samrat Mica" laminates are available in 3 different widhts and many designs & finally laminates are a product that can be used in an efficient and environment friendly way. If you want to know more about why laminates are good for your home or office, contact "Samrat Mica".

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