Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making of laminate

Most probably you read these words from the laptop which lies on the top of laminated table. If you are in the office you may be surrounded by laminated walls and if you are sipping coffee in the coffee-house there definitely should be some laminated surfaces around.
If there is no, your surroundings are an exception rather than a rule. Laminated products are popular but to many people it's still surprise that all laminates are made of paper. Of paper and resin, to be exact. High temperature and pressing makes sheets inseparable and provides the ultimate thickness. After this sheets are cut (normally into size of 8x4feet) and sanded. Sanding makes the sheet rough, which helps to apply it easier later on. Before the dispatch there is always a final quality check. You can find more examples of laminate design here or contact Samrat Mica for more information.

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